Fans of the Republic of Ireland Know How to Become a Good ‘Guest’

If the 2016 European Cup provides awards for the best supporters, maybe Republic of Ireland fans could be champions. The reason, what they do while in France is extraordinary. In contrast to some other groups of supporters who had involved the incident clashed, the supporters of The Boys in Green it looks so friendly with the cities in France.

Like when the fans of this Irish republic clean up garbage near the pub in the city of Bordeaux. While doing so, they are also singing in unison. The group of Irish supporters is also friendly with the Bordeaux police. As they were about to be removed from a tunnel, Irish supporters entertained the police with singing and easy arrangements.

The attitude of the Irish fans in Bordeaux is also gained praise from the mayor of the local town, Alain Juppe. In another city, precisely in Lille, fans who are identical to the green color seems to be justifying the car locals. Known car that was indeed destroyed by one of the Irish supporters. However, another Irish supporter gained the dent. There are even some Irish fans who slipped money in the window of the dented car.

There is one unique incident in the City of Bordeaux, when some Irish fans attempt to pacify and put a baby to sleep. It is captured by the camera, on one train, Irish fans singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars on the sleeping baby. There are many more friendly treatments that are friendly to the surrounding environment that they do.

The city of Paris also once witnessed the Irish fans who helped a pair of grandparents who were changing their tires. This of course should be an example for some supporters who some time ago had involved clashes and acts of anarchy. Like the English, Russian and Croatian supporters whose teams are threatened with disqualification if the fans are acting up again.

Irish supporters tell people how to become good guests in a country. Republic of Ireland itself managed to qualify for the round of 16 through the best three ranking and will fight the host team, France (26/6).…